Politics and Eschatology

Politics and Eschatology?….Strange Bedfellows indeed. In my blog “Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign,” https://eschatologyspeak.com/2015/06/19/sign-sign-everywhere-a-sign/ I gave some statistics showing the lateness of the hour prophetically. I listed things that would be going on in the End Times. Political upheaval is not on the list, but it could well be in the mix. Congressional gridlock, racial unrest, … More Politics and Eschatology

Blood Moons

The teaching of the blood moons has recently captivated the attention of the religious world. According to the EndTimes Ministries a lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the sun and the moon. This blocks the sun’s rays from reflecting off the moon as normal. However, some of the sun’s rays curve around the … More Blood Moons