Watchman on the Wall

Wwatchman_on_the_wall2It basically says in Ezekiel 33:1-9, that if we, as watchmen, see danger approaching and warn the people, and they don’t listen, their destruction is on them. But if the people listen, they can be spared the impending doom.

But if the watchman sees the enemy coming and does not warn them, and they are taken away or killed, it will be the watchman’s fault, and their blood will be on his hands.

So we, who see the End coming, are responsible to warn others. And if we don’t there will be hell to pay.

That passage lit a fire under me. I knew I needed to speak up about the undeniable warnings God is giving us. Plus my eagerness for His return spurs me on.

Many say that if we focus too much on End Times, we will leave out the Important work of sharing the gospel. Our priorities will be misshapen.

That hasn’t at all been my experience. I feel compelled, as never before, to speak of Jesus. For instance, on my way to my appointment I knew that I was going to carry the message to my conservative Jewish doctor. I was shaking in my flip flops! I was begging God to “let this cup pass from me!” Once there and the door was shut, I brought up the global upheaval and asked if she had noticed. She said, “absolutely!” And it wouldn’t surprise her if the end of the world was close. Then I brought up rising anti-Semitism, and Christian persecutions, of which she is totally aware.

Since I was getting all green lights, I went on to tell her that I didn’t want to offend her but I believe it is tied in with the return of Christ. I then asked if she knew the reason for Jesus’s coming to earth. She asked me to explain and I did! The whole gospel message came out of my mouth and I couldn’t believe how it just flowed. The words were obviously given to me by the Holy Spirit. It was effortless. I left wondering what I had said. Lol  She seemed genuinely grateful for the conversation and graciously thanked me.

I was actually able to exhale on my way home. I’m not sure my feet were touching the ground. I’m not sure which praise song I sang on my flying carpet ride home. There’s no greater joy than being His hands, His feet, and His voice!

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