Watchman on the Wall (part 2)


From Watchman On the Wall  (Part 1)

“It basically says in Ezekiel 33:1-9, that if we, as watchmen, see danger approaching and warn the people, and they don’t listen, their destruction is on them. But if the people listen, they can be spared the impending doom.    

But if the watchman sees the enemy coming and does not warn them, and they are taken away or killed, it will be the watchman’s fault, and their blood will be on their hands.

So, we who see the End coming, are responsible to warn others. And if we don’t, there will be hell to pay.”


Once again, though terror stricken to my core, I knew what I was gonna have to do if I took my role as Watchman to heart. This time the appointed hour was with my Muslim-background Pulmonologist. Oh please, God, I have no idea how to approach this man. #Didntmatter.

I remembered that I had recently read something about a huge movement spreading throughout the Middle East among Muslims. Jesus was actually appearing personally before those who had not been introduced to the gospel. They were becoming ardent followers. They knew they would likely be killed if they were found out, but they still were coming to Jesus in droves! Yes!!! The underground church is forming and they are being supplied with Bibles and teachers by other believers.

I told him that it was prophesied in the Bible that in the last days, some would have dreams and visions, as in Joel 2:28,29. Many of these are supernatural appearances of Jesus speaking with them face to face. As you can imagine, they were stunned and desperate to know more about this Man, as they became His followers.

I had brought him a booklet explaining this Revival, and he eagerly took it. He noticed that it had underlines. I told him I had marked the main points in case he didn’t want to read the whole thing. He said, “No, no – I am intrigued and will definitely read the whole thing.” (Thankfully, the author included the gospel message.) The pulmonologist seemed to be quite sincere as he thanked me. Y’know, those Lebanese have the most beautiful eyes and glowing smiles :~)  Cloud nine once again carried me from his office to my car and safely home.

Almost daily I am prompted to start such conversations with friends, neighbors, store clerks, manicurists, pastors, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers (no wait, no candlestick makers).

It absolutely makes my day when I am able to share the information with which I’ve been entrusted. I don’t get how Christians who truly believe that Christ’s return is imminent can help but be excited and eager. Do we, in truth, really not sense it? The love of our life coming soon! In the words of Pastor Jeff Kinley, “His love for the church is a romance unparalleled and unequaled on earth.”

Not only do I want and need to be obedient and warn others by pointing out the harbingers, but I also am compelled to commit myself to holy living. I want to hear “well done, My good and faithful servant.”

2 thoughts on “Watchman on the Wall (part 2)

  1. Janet, I enjoy your writings. Your words are so filled with what we need to be reminded of and with your bright wittiness here and there in just the right places is just perfect. I feel your heart and your warmth of your complete love of Him in your words. I pray you continue your blog as I look forward to them. Would you mind if I share some of your writings with some of the ladies I have in my Bible study group? It’s just a small group of 5 that meet at my house. Thank you for sharing.


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