As in the Days of Noah (part 2)

It’s understandable at some level, why the people of Noah’s day didn’t get it. They had never seen anything but a mist rising from the ground to water the vegetation. There had been no such thing as a flood, or even rain!

Kinley says “Scripture faithfully recounts precisely how the Flood occurred. First the fountains of the great deep burst open. Supernaturally induced seismic shifts opened up subterranean storehouses of water located beneath the earth’s surface. These massive reservoirs burst open, spewing unimaginable quanities of water up into the atmosphere through large ground openings. Geysers of water exploded through these earth vents, both on dry land as well as under the oceans. This caused an immediate, rapid rise in sea level, flooding low-lying areas and perhaps fueling earthquake-driven tsunamis that likely killed millions.

Following these subterranean fountains, the floodgates of the sky were opened in tandem with the fountains of the great deep, the release of water stored in this global vapor canopy accounts for a world Before the flood, people made fun of Noah, mocking both him and his God. But during the 120 years of ongoing construction, did they begin to ignore Noah and his labor of lumber, or was it simply too hard to resist a daily drive-by taunting?

Perhaps out of the corner of his eye at the final moments before the door was sealed, Noah catches sight of a young female villager walking in the distance. He turns his gaze toward hers and their eyes briefly meet, whereupon the woman smiles. Noah feels helpless, knowing she will soon be swept away in the rapidly . approaching . deluge.swimmersThe message had been sent. There would be no excuses and no second chances. After everything had been made and secured, God Himself supernaturally shut the door of the Ark, signifying the time for salvation had officially passed. And yet with the Ark door closed and sealed, earth’s evil inhabitants still could not conceive of what was about to happen. Billions went about their business as usual. Their enslaving obsession to self and sin had so blinded them to truth that they simply continued life as usual, unconcerned about Noah, his message, or the fact that they were all about to die.

Please don’t miss the striking symbolism. Even as Noah’s ark delivered his family and the animals from damnation and destruction, so too, will God’s grace deliver us from what’s coming possibly in our generation, as He draws us into Jesus. You are more sinful than you can ever believe and you are more loved than you could ever hope.

“Just as there are no half-measures in executing judgment, according to Hughes, there are no half-measures in effecting salvation: But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord. It was all grace. Noah knew God, and still was a wretch like the rest. He was not saved by his righteousness. He was saved by grace, left to himself, he would have perished”  :~(   If you want the grace of God, it’s yours for the asking.  :~)

(to be continued)

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