As in the Days of Noah (part 3)

“We’re not so good at observing the micro changes that take place in our lives. Because of this, we are often oblivious to the minor or gradual transformations that take place around us or through the years. No one today considers Harvard University to be a conservative heavyweight or defender of Christianity, but it wasn’t always this way. This well-known school owes its origins to the gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, most Ivy League schools were established primarily to train ministers. So how did these schools go from training ministers to being citadels of theological liberalism? Easy answer. Gradual change – over time,” explains Kinley.

“Planet Earth, after the Fall, became a population of imperfection that progressed to widespread contamination of evil stage by stage. There was a rapid spiritual degeneration after the first sin. Once sin entered the human bloodstream, it quickly spread until it dominated humanity. At first the serpent had to talk Eve into sin, then Adam sinned deliberately, then God couldn’t talk Cain out of sin, then Lamech boasted about his brutality. But now, with the passing of a few generations, the entire world has become a cesspool of sin,” says Dr. Pritchard, president of

The Invincible Titanic

Pastor Kinley recalls listening to an elderly woman who was on the Titanic when it went down, tell the story. “On April 10, 1912, what was then the world’s largest ocean liner left Southampton and began her maiden voyage across the North Atlantic with over 2200 souls on board. Four days into the voyage, everything was going as planned. Passengers were enjoying themselves, doing what people do on a luxury liner – eating, drinking, playing, relaxing. The skies had remained clear and the seas calm, making for a tranquil and uneventful trip. The last thing on anyone’s mind was danger. On Sunday morning April 14, the ship received a wireless message from the SS Carolina reporting that icebergs had been spotted just a few miles north of Titanic’s plotted course. Later that day Titanic received additional ice warnings. One came from the steamship Baltic at 1:40 pm, with reports of passing icebergs and a large quantity of field ice. This message included specific coordinates marking the location of the ice. Another message was received from the Californian and reported ice about 19 miles north of Titanic’s path. Coordinates were provided as well. The German liner Amerika sent a message with reports of seeing two large icebergs. Last, another message came through, again from the Californian stating, ‘We are stopped and surrounded by ice,’ to which Titanic’s radio operator wired back, “Shut up. I am busy!”

Now we listen when we hear of icebergs ahead. We don’t however listen when we hear there is judgment coming. We don’t know the coordinates, but like the Titanic, we have been given many warnings.

lightningMore to come…

2 thoughts on “As in the Days of Noah (part 3)

  1. Excellent commentary and analysis of over time we don’t see the changing danger. I was reading Psalms and David’s sin & repentance. Thank for your continued writings.


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