Politics and Eschatology

screwedPolitics and Eschatology?….Strange Bedfellows indeed.

In my blog “Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign,” https://eschatologyspeak.com/2015/06/19/sign-sign-everywhere-a-sign/ I gave some statistics showing the lateness of the hour prophetically. I listed things that would be going on in the End Times. Political upheaval is not on the list, but it could well be in the mix. Congressional gridlock, racial unrest, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president. One candidate is full of corruption and lies. The other one is narcissistic and unstable. This is a disaster. Our country is deeply divided.

Many say that it doesn’t matter about a candidate’s position on God. We need to deal with more “Pertinent stuff” like climate change, $19 trillion national debt, a woman’s right to choose, and national security. Most care little to nothing about one’s faith or morality.

Y’know what? Even though He is very loving, patient and slow to anger, God is pisssed off! He is restraining Himself because He wants us to see the light, and change course. He is giving us plenty of time before He unleashes His righteous judgment and all hell breaks loose.

Sadly, so many of us humans see Him as irrelevant, intrusive, and/or non-existent. And that takes a toll. It paves the way for Spiritual Decline.

For instance, it’s important to Him that unborn babies are allowed to live. You can’t entirely blame Hillary for the fact that in 2014, the CDC reports that there were 926,200 legal abortions. A VAST number of them aren’t performed to save the life and health of the mother, but as a method of birth control. It’s just so wrong. In the Old Testament, they called it infanticide.

 A mother’s basic instinct is to protect her child. When she is responsible for their death, she is often scarred for life. I know many of these women personally. These women don’t have to be thrown to the wolves at the mercy of Planned Parenthood. We can support the approximately 3500 Crisis Pregnancy Centers who provide material, economic and emotional support to women who chose life over death for their unborn babies.


Let me say up-front that God loves homosexuals and so do I. I’ve been lovingly called a “fag-hag” and that’s okay with me. I believe that homosexuality is a sin, but no worse than any other in God’s eyes even though society pays a high price. Those Jesus most strenuously condemned were the judgmental and the hypocrites. He called them a brood of vipers #YIKES!

And then there’s same sex marriage. Even though it’s cute to say Adam and Steve, God made a man and a woman to become husband and wife. And He sanctified it that way.


verb: sanctifying; 3rd person present: sanctifies; past tense: sanctified; past participle: sanctified; gerund or present participle.

  • set apart as or declare holy; consecrate; legitimize; endorse, or permit.

God made it one way, but we decided that we knew a better way. We decided to endorse Gay Marriage.

Next we decided to choose for ourselves whether we are male or female. That’s the progression. And it’s at break-neck speed. A year or two ago, Kaitlyn Jenner would not have been a hero.


And then there’s pornography. This year alone billions of dollars were spent in the U.S. More was spent on it than Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Amazon combined. Now that’s BIG BUSINESS by any standard!


Does God say that He will bless those who:

Use sustainable energy?

Make good trade deals?

Support gay marriage?

Build walls of protection?

Provide subsidies to the poor?

Not in my Bible.


It looked like God was finished with the Jews for about 2000 years. They were dispersed throughout the world. They were gathered and burned in gas chambers. But somehow they survived. Sweet

Anti-Semitism is on the rise again. The next chapter may be written during our lifetime. The Palestinians, Israel’s surrounding neighbors, and ISIS will only temporarily be their undoing. I know this because I’ve read the End of the Book.

God says the following about the Jews: “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” (Genesis 12:3)

Things are falling into place at warp speed. It could well be time for judgment on the earth. Has the train left the station, or is there still time to make things right between us and God?

 Good question.

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