God Behaving Badly

There is a book by this title by David Lamb, who points out that the nature of God has been portrayed as Angry, Sexist and Racist. However, Lamb said that the God of the Old Testament was fascinating to him. “He (God) became really angry, but was also extraordinarily patient. He seemed to view women and … More God Behaving Badly

Watchman on the Wall

It basically says in Ezekiel 33:1-9, that if we, as watchmen, see danger approaching and warn the people, and they don’t listen, their destruction is on them. But if the people listen, they can be spared the impending doom. But if the watchman sees the enemy coming and does not warn them, and they are … More Watchman on the Wall

Fig Tree Generation

The Bible is clear in both Daniel and Ezekiel that Israel would be reborn in the End Times. A couple thousand years later, and still no Israel. Hmmm, maybe that wasn’t meant to be taken literally. Anybody got a Plan B? I know. The writer probably meant something else. He probably meant that “The Israel of God” was referring … More Fig Tree Generation